Manslaughter Defense Lawyer in Cincinnati

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Manslaughter Defense Lawyer in Cincinnati

Are you facing manslaughter charges in Cincinnati? It is essential to understand the laws and penalties related to the crime. A manslaughter conviction carries severe consequences that can affect you for the rest of your life. To optimize your chances of maintaining your rights and liberties, you need an experienced manslaughter defense lawyer.

Furthermore, the criminal defense attorneys at Moermond & Mulligan, LLC have the experience, skills, and resources necessary to build a strong defense on your behalf. Additionally, we also have a thorough understanding of the Ohio criminal court system. We will use our knowledge to your advantage as we fight for the justice you deserve. Above all, time is of the essence. Call us now at (513) 421-9790 or contact us online for a confidential consultation to learn more about your legal options.

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    Manslaughter Charges in Ohio

    In Ohio, manslaughter charges fall into two main categories: voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter.

    Voluntary Manslaughter

    In Ohio, voluntary manslaughter occurs when intense emotion leads to a loss of control and killing. When provoked or under extreme duress, individuals might behave in ways they wouldn’t typically. Moreover, the key factor in determining whether an act constitutes voluntary manslaughter is the lack of premeditation. This means that the person did not plan or intend to kill the victim in advance.

    Involuntary Manslaughter

    In Ohio, involuntary manslaughter involves unintentionally killing another person due to reckless or negligent behavior. Such accidental killings could include situations where a person was:

    • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Engaging in a dangerous activity, such as firing celebratory gunshots into the air
    • Failing to provide proper safety equipment in a workplace
    • Neglecting a child

    Involuntary manslaughter is considered less severe than voluntary manslaughter or murder, but a conviction still carries significant penalties and consequences.

    Penalties for a Manslaughter Conviction

    In Ohio, manslaughter penalties vary based on the case specifics and offense degree.

    Voluntary manslaughter in Ohio typically carries 3-11 years in prison and up to $20,000 fine as a first-degree felony.

    Involuntary manslaughter in Ohio is typically a third-degree felony, with 1-5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

    However, penalties are significantly harsher if the victim was a law officer, firefighter, or EMT. In these cases, voluntary manslaughter is a first-degree felony charge with a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison. In such a case, involuntary manslaughter is a second-degree felony with a mandatory three-year minimum prison term.

    Manslaughter vs. Murder

    Many people confuse manslaughter with murder, but several key differences distinguish the two crimes. While both involve the killing of another person, manslaughter does not involve premeditation or the intent to kill.

    Murder, on the other hand, involves intentionally killing with premeditation and a clear intent to harm the victim. Murder, more severe than manslaughter, can lead to life imprisonment or, in some cases, the death penalty.

    Potential Defenses to Manslaughter Charges

    If you have been charged with manslaughter in Ohio, the experienced manslaughter defense lawyers at Moermond & Mulligan, LLC will consult with you and examine your case to determine the most effective defense. Depending on your situation, some potential defenses include:

    • Self-defense – If you were acting in self-defense and had no other reasonable means of protecting yourself from harm, this may be a viable defense to manslaughter charges.
    • Accidental killing: If the killing was genuinely an accident and you had no intention of causing harm, your attorney may be able to argue that the killing does not meet the legal criteria for manslaughter.
    • Lack of recklessness or negligence – If the prosecution alleges that the killing resulted from recklessness or negligence on your part, your attorney may be able to argue that your actions were not reckless or negligent under the circumstances.
    • Insanity or mental incapacity – If you were suffering from a mental illness or condition that impaired your ability to understand the nature and consequences of your actions, this might be a defense to manslaughter charges.
    • Involuntary intoxication – If you were involuntarily intoxicated, such as if someone spiked your drink without your knowledge, this might be a defense to manslaughter charges if the intoxication was a significant factor in the killing.
    • Alibi – If you can prove that you were not at the scene of the killing when it occurred, your lawyer can use this alibi to defend you in court.
    • Lack of evidence – If the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to prove the elements of manslaughter beyond a reasonable doubt, your attorney may be able to argue that the court should dismiss the charges against you.

    Each case is unique, and the potential defenses available to you will depend on the specific circumstances of your case. The legal team at Moermond & Mulligan, LLC can evaluate the facts of your case and advise you on the best defense strategy.


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