Importuning Charges in Ohio

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Almost nothing does more damage to a person’s reputation than charges involving sex crimes. Although “importuning” is not a standard part of our lexicon in Ohio, it is an important legal term. Importuning charges can be severe and impact a person for the foreseeable future, haunting them in challenging ways.

At Moermond & Mulligan, LLC, our experienced Cincinnati criminal defense lawyers understand what it takes to defend against importuning charges. If you’ve been charged with an Ohio sex crime, you need an aggressive defense team willing to fight for you. Take a look at our case results for proof of our experience and results.

What Does Importuning Mean?

Importuning is a word you don’t hear frequently unless you face legal trouble. The Ohio criminal code defines importuning as the solicitation of a minor under 13 to engage in sexual activity. An individual may also face importuning charges when soliciting a minor between 13 and 15 for sex if the accused is 18 or at least four years older than the victim.

A person may also face charges of importuning for soliciting a person who is 16 or 17 years old if that person is the victim of human trafficking or when the accused is 18 or older and is four or more years older than the victim. Importuning is, therefore, a criminal sex act under Ohio law.

Solicitation is a broad term when it comes to importuning. Solicitation can occur between two individuals in person or through other means like phone calls, social media, email, and text messages. Ohio law seeks to protect all children from sexual advances by adults.

Penalties for Importuning

In Ohio, importuning is a significant sexual crime that carries stiff penalties for those convicted of the charge. Importuning is typically a felony offense and can result in criminal penalties that include:

  • Fines between $2,500 and $10,000
  • Prison time between 12 months and five years
  • Permanent sex offender registration

Individuals with a previous importuning conviction or other sex offenses on their criminal record may face more significant penalties as a repeat offender. Most individuals convicted of importuning must register with the state as a sex offender. You must provide the state with your address, employer, work address, and vehicle information so your data is publicly accessible on the state’s database. Being a registered sex offender can destroy your chance of being employed in some fields and pursuing additional educational opportunities. A criminal record can also limit your housing options and ability to secure loans.

There are additional consequences that can come from an importuning conviction. You may lose child custody rights, and the stigma of being labeled a sex offender can haunt you for years to come, ruining your personal and professional reputation and making it more challenging to rebuild your life.

How an Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

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Do you think you can beat an importuning charge on your own? Think again. Most individuals believe if they claim that they had no idea the other individual was a minor, things will work out in their favor. Nothing could be further from the truth. During your arrest, law enforcement and prosecutors seek to build their case against you. The best way to fight back against importuning charges is to retain aggressive criminal defense counsel.

At Moermond & Mulligan, LLC, our Ohio criminal defense lawyers will review your situation and examine the available evidence. We’ll work to build a compelling defense strategy based on the unique circumstances of your situation. No two defense strategies are identical, which means we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to defending you. We’ll investigate the alleged incident, review your treatment by law enforcement, and find ways to approach the situation from a position of strength.

We understand that facing sexual crime charges can be frightening and overwhelming. Before you talk to anyone, including the police, talk to a skilled criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and resources to advocate for you. We want to achieve the most favorable result possible on your behalf.

Contact an Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Are you facing an importuning charge in Cincinnati, Ohio? The age of the offender matters. So, do your actions immediately after being arrested. Refrain from attempting to navigate the situation solo. Your freedom and reputation are on the line. At Moermond & Mulligan, LLC, we want to help you get out from under a sex offense by preparing an aggressive defense strategy on your behalf.

Call (513) 421-9790 to request a confidential case review. Let an experienced Cincinnati criminal defense attorney from Moermond & Mulligan, LLC review your situation. Our legal team will help you take the next steps to protect yourself and your future.


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